Trust and Estate Litigation: Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys in Orange County

Elderly and vulnerable individuals are frequently targeted by unscrupulous individuals who exploit their financial vulnerability, significantly harming these seniors. Tragically, these perpetrators can include family members or trusted individuals, causing lasting damage to crucial relationships.

Elder financial abuse can manifest in countless ways, resulting in financial losses and emotional trauma. Suppose you or someone you know is grappling with this issue. In that case, our team of elder abuse attorneys is here to prevent further harm and safeguard your assets from those who would abuse them. Moreover, our dedicated legal experts are well-versed in cases where innocent individuals are falsely accused of exploiting elders financially and are committed to defending their rights. We possess the knowledge and resources to thoroughly investigate allegations and construct a robust legal defense for those unjustly accused.

Here are some warning signs of financial elder abuse that should not be ignored:

  1. Is someone holding power of attorney for your loved one using their finances for personal gain?
  2. Has someone close to an elder aggressively pushed them to change their will or trust, particularly towards the end of their life?
  3. Have you witnessed a disabled elder’s spouse misusing funds from a shared bank account, resulting in inadequate healthcare for the elder?

OC Trial Group’s litigation attorneys are seasoned professionals in handling various types of financial elder abuse cases, boasting the expertise and experience necessary to secure favorable outcomes. Please contact us anytime if you require our professional guidance or have any concerns. Our team will offer personalized advice on how we can assist you.

What is Financial Elder Abuse?

Financial elder abuse is a comprehensive concept encompassing a range of actions perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals to exploit the financial resources of vulnerable adults. Within California, laws are in place to combat these abuses, offering critical protection to elderly and dependent adults.

In California, an elderly adult is defined as an individual aged 65 years or older, while a dependent adult falls within the age bracket of 18 to 64 but lacks the physical or mental capacity to shield themselves from financial exploitation.

OC Trial Group are vastly experienced in litigation cases related to financial and dependent elder abuse, serving as advocates for clients seeking to initiate or defend against such claims.

How a Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney Can Help Your Financial Elder Abuse Case in Orange County, CA

In a case involving financial elder abuse, the expertise of a trust and estate litigation attorneys is invaluable. Such attorneys play a pivotal role by conducting a thorough investigation, collecting evidence, and scrutinizing financial documents to ascertain the full scope of the abuse. Additionally, they serve as staunch advocates for the elderly individual’s rights, providing guidance through legal proceedings and assisting in recovering wrongfully appropriated assets. These attorneys also endeavor to hold accountable those responsible for the abuse, regardless of whether they are family members, caregivers, or other individuals implicated in the financial wrongdoing.

Why Hire OC Trial Group as Your Financial Abuse Attorneys in Orange County

With decades of collective experience in trust and estate litigation, OC Trial Group’s attorneys are your dependable choice for top-tier legal support in your financial abuse case.


OC Trial Group's legal experts possess a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding financial elder abuse laws. Along with their strong track record of success, they can ensure you adeptly navigate the legal landscape.


They collaborate with forensic accountants, investigators, and other seasoned professionals to construct a robust case in your favor.


Count on them to champion your cause, engage in negotiations with opposing parties, and vigorously pursue the compensation and justice you rightfully deserve.


Throughout the process, they will clarify your options, keep you well-informed, and offer compassionate guidance every step of the way.

How Our Financial Elder Abuse Attorney in Orange County Can Support Your Case

It is crucial to engage with a qualified trust and estate litigation attorney experienced in financial elder abuse cases to address your unique circumstances and receive personalized counsel and direction.

Case Assessment

A trust and estate litigation attorney evaluates financial abuse cases by scrutinizing records and evidence, gauging the strength of the claim.

Thorough Investigation

An attorney delves into financial abuse matters, amassing evidence, conducting witness interviews, and collaborating with experts to construct a compelling case.

Tailored Legal Strategy

An attorney formulates a customized legal approach designed to pursue justice and recover damages in cases of financial elder abuse.

Advocacy and Negotiation

Count on an attorney to champion your cause, striving for a fair settlement to compensate for financial losses and the harm inflicted by financial elder abuse.

Courtroom Representation

In court, an attorney serves as your representative, presenting your case, skillfully cross-examining witnesses, and working towards a favorable judgment.

Asset Retrieval

We have the capacity to assist in the recovery of misappropriated assets through collaboration with specialists, financial institutions, and accountants for effective tracing and retrieval.

Three Things You Should Know About Financial Elder Abuse in California

The alarming surge in financial crimes against our elderly population has sparked concern:
Every year, older individuals fall victim to scams, resulting in losses exceeding a staggering $3 billion. An astonishing 3.5 million elderly adults face the devastating consequences of financial exploitation annually. Seniors, the target of these unscrupulous fraudsters, suffer a crushing average loss of $34,200. While fraudsters can target individuals of any age, the vulnerability of those aged 60 and above is particularly pronounced, with victims over 80 reporting even more substantial financial losses. It’s a pressing issue that demands our attention and action.

In California, understanding the legal definition of financial elder abuse is crucial. It encompasses a broad range of actions, including fraud, theft, and undue influence, which exploit the financial vulnerability of elderly individuals. Financial elder abuse occurs when someone, whether a family member, caregiver, or a third party, takes advantage of an elder’s trust or manipulates their financial affairs for personal gain. Recognizing these various forms of abuse is essential for identifying and addressing such cases effectively.

California has robust laws in place to protect its elderly population from financial abuse. If you suspect or have evidence of financial elder abuse, it’s imperative to report it promptly. You can contact Adult Protective Services (APS) or local law enforcement to initiate an investigation. Additionally, victims of financial elder abuse have legal recourse to recover their assets and seek justice through civil litigation. Consulting with an attorney experienced in financial elder abuse cases can help victims navigate the legal process and pursue compensation.

Preventing financial elder abuse is equally vital. Raising awareness about the warning signs and common tactics used by perpetrators can empower both elders and their families to stay vigilant. Common red flags include sudden changes in financial documents, unexplained withdrawals, and isolation of the elderly from family and friends. Engaging in open conversations about financial matters and designating a trusted individual to oversee their finances can provide added protection. Through the collective efforts of raising awareness and proactively implementing preventive measures, we can collaboratively reduce the occurrence of financial elder abuse in California.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Elder Abuse in Orange County

These are five of the most common questions our clients ask about financial elder abuse in Orange County. Our answers may only serve as reference. Please contact us to learn more about specific questions regarding your case.

Financial elder abuse encompasses various actions where individuals exploit the financial vulnerability of elderly adults. It can include fraud, theft, undue influence, or any manipulation of an elder’s finances for personal gain. Common manifestations include unauthorized withdrawals, changes in financial documents, or misappropriation of assets.

Signs may include sudden financial changes, isolation from family and friends, unexplained withdrawals, and undue influence in decisions related to finances or property. Paying attention to these warning signals is crucial.

If you suspect abuse, it’s essential to report it immediately. Contact Adult Protective Services (APS) or local law enforcement to initiate an investigation. Additionally, consult with an attorney experienced in financial elder abuse cases for guidance on legal recourse.

We are experienced in financial elder abuse cases and provide support in initiating legal action to recover misappropriated assets, seek justice, and hold responsible parties accountable.

Yes, we can. We work with specialists, financial institutions, and accountants to trace and recover misappropriated assets on behalf of our clients.