Financial Elder Abuse Lawyers in Newport Beach

Elderly and dependent individuals are often targeted by unscrupulous people who take advantage of their financial vulnerability, causing great harm to victimized seniors. Sadly, the abusers themselves can be family members or people whom they placed their trust, causing irreparable damage to important relationships.

Innumerable ways elder financial abuse can manifest itself, leading to varying degrees of financial loss and emotional trauma. If you or someone you know is dealing with this issue, our elder abuse attorneys are here to help prevent further harm and protect your property from abusive individuals. Additionally, our committed legal team is well-versed in cases where innocent people are falsely accused of financial exploitation of elders, and is dedicated to defending their rights. We have the expertise and resources to investigate any allegations and construct a solid legal defense for those who have been wrongly accused.

Here are some signs of financial abuse to watch out for:

OC Trial Group’s litigation attorneys are seasoned in the litigation of all varieties of financial elder abuse actions, with the expertise and experience to ensure a desirable outcome in any such matter. If you require our professional consultation or have any doubts, feel free to call us anytime. Our team will provide you with personalized advice on how we can help.

What is a Financial Elder Abuse?

Financial elder abuse is a broad term that can encompass various actions taken by an unscrupulous individual(s) to exploit a vulnerable adult’s finances. In California, statutes exist to safeguard against these abuses, providing protection for elder and dependent adults. 

An elder adult is someone aged 65 or older, and a dependent adult is someone between the ages of 18 and 64, lacking the physical or mental capacity to protect themselves against financial exploitation. 

OC Trial Group specializes in litigating matters involving financial elder abuse and dependent elder abuse, helping clients bring or defend against such claims.

How a Probate Litigation Attorney Can Help You as an Financial Elder Abuse Lawyer in Newport Beach

A probate litigation attorney can provide crucial assistance in an financial elder abuse case. They can investigate the matter, gather evidence, and analyze financial records to establish the extent of the abuse. The attorney will advocate for the rights of the elderly individual, guide them through the legal process, and help recover misappropriated assets. They can also work towards holding the responsible parties accountable, whether they are family members, caregivers, or other individuals involved in the financial abuse.

Why Choose OC Trial Group for Your Financial Abuse Lawyer in Newport Beach

With decades of combined experience in probate litigation, you can rely on OC Trial Group attorneys to provide you with top-notch legal support for your financial abuse case.


OC Trial Group’s attorneys understand the intricacies of the laws related to financial elder abuse and can help you navigate the legal process effectively.


They can work with forensic accountants, investigators, and other professionals to build a strong case on your behalf.


They will represent your interests, negotiate with the opposing party, and fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.


They will help you understand your options, keep you informed, and provide compassionate assistance every step of the way.

Our Financial Elder Abuse Attorney Services in Newport Beach will Provide You Support Every Step of the Way

It’s important to consult with a qualified probate litigation attorney who specializes in financial elder abuse cases to discuss your specific situation and receive personalized advice and guidance.

Case Evaluation

A probate attorney assesses financial abuse cases by reviewing records and evidence to evaluate claim strength.


An attorney investigates financial abuse, gathers evidence, interviews witnesses, and collaborates with experts to build a strong case.

Legal Strategy

An attorney develops a tailored legal strategy to seek justice and recover damages in financial elder abuse cases.

Advocacy and Negotiation

An attorney advocates for a fair settlement, compensating financial losses and harm caused by financial elder abuse.

Court Representation

An attorney represents you in court, presenting your case, cross-examining witnesses, and seeking a favorable judgment.

Asset Recovery

We can help recover misappropriated assets by collaborating with specialists, institutions, and accountants for tracing and retrieval.

Financial Elder Abuse Attorney Service in California

When it comes to elderly financial abuse cases, you can rely on an OC Trial Group Financial Elder Abuse attorney to provide you with top-notch support.

Financial abuse can involve the misuse, theft, or fraudulent acquisition of assets from vulnerable adults in positions of trust. In California, elder abuse encompasses various forms of physical and financial mistreatment of individuals aged 65 and older, as well as dependent adults with limitations. OC Trial Group attorneys are experienced in cases related to financial exploitation of elders and dependent adults, providing legal support for both claimants and defendants.

Are you a senior facing unexplained financial losses? Concerned about potential undue influence on a loved one’s will or trust? Accused of elder financial abuse? Whether plaintiff or defendant, OC Trial Group’s attorneys assist in navigating the legal process and achieving a positive resolution.

The perfect time to hire a probate litigation lawyer for your financial elder abuse case is as soon as you suspect or become aware of the abuse. Prompt action is crucial in gathering evidence, protecting assets, and ensuring your rights are safeguarded. Consulting with an attorney early on allows them to assess your case, advise you on legal options, and guide you through the process of seeking justice and recovering losses. Don’t delay in seeking legal assistance if you believe financial elder abuse has occurred.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Elder Abuse in California

Anyone with access to an elder’s financial resources can potentially commit financial abuse, including family members, caregivers, financial advisors, scam artists, and acquaintances. It can also involve institutional exploitation, such as fraud committed by banks or other organizations.

To prevent financial elder abuse, it is important to maintain open communication with the elderly person, educate them about potential scams, establish safeguards like the power of attorney documents, monitor their financial accounts regularly, and involve trusted professionals to oversee their financial affairs.

If you suspect financial elder abuse, you should report it to the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction, such as adult protective services or law enforcement agencies. They will investigate the matter, take appropriate actions to protect the elder and pursue legal remedies if necessary.