Practice Area

Probate Litigation Attorney in Newport Beach

Our skilled Newport Beach probate litigation lawyers are well-equipped to handle a wide range of probate cases, both transactional and litigation. At OC Trial Group, dedicate ourselves to providing top-rated legal representation to clients facing issues such as trust and will disputes, fiduciary misconduct, financial elder abuse, nursing home abuse, and property disputes.  Our commitment is to protect the rights and interests of our clients. We provide top-rated legal representation in probate litigation and elder abuse cases to ensure that you or your loved ones obtain the justice that is deserved. Rely on our experience and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of the law.

Trust and Will Disputes

We help resolve conflicts and disputes or provide litigation support related to trust and will matters.

Fiduciary Misconduct

We pursue legal action against individuals or entities who breach their fiduciary duties.

Property Disputes

We provide legal assistance and representation for disputes involving property rights and ownership throughout California.

Financial Elder Abuse

We fight against financial exploitation and abuse targeting elderly and/or dependent individuals.

Physical Elder Abuse

We seek justice and protection for elderly and/or dependent individuals who have suffered physical abuse.

Nursing Home Abuse

We advocate for the rights of nursing home residents and seek compensation for instances of abuse or neglect.

Trust and Estate Administration

We represent trustees and beneficiaries with respect to the administration and management of trusts and estates throughout California, providing litigation support if needed.


We guide clients through establishing conservatorship to protect and care for vulnerable individuals.


We provide legal support and representation for individuals seeking guardianship over minors or incapacitated adults.

Business and Corporate Attorney in Newport Beach

OC Trial Group is a team of experienced attorneys committed to delivering comprehensive legal services to businesses in Newport Beach, California. Our attorneys concentrate in business and corporate law and offer reliable counsel and representation ranging from contract disputes to employment issues. With prowess in all aspects of business and corporate litigation, we ensure your interests are protected at every stage. Our personalized approach means that we provide guidance in negotiations and vigorous advocacy in the courtroom to achieve the best solution for your unique needs.

Real Estate Attorney in Newport Beach

OC Trial Group provides top-tier legal services for all real estate matters in Newport Beach, California. Our real estate attorneys in Newport Beach possesses an in-depth understanding of California real estate law and extensive experience representing clients in diverse real estate cases, including property disputes, contract negotiations, landlord/tenant issues, and other relevant legal matters. We approach each case with unwavering commitment to protecting our clients’ interests and securing favorable outcomes through either negotiation or litigation. Our unparalleled legal advice and representation makes OC Trial Group the premier choice for all of your real estate needs in Newport Beach.


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